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Friday, November 26, 2010

Riverside Turkey

by Crystal Canole

I bought a Riverside Turkey from Kroger's for 29 cents a pound with the savings card.  I bought a 20 lb turkey because that's the size the family wanted.  It sat in a cold bath for all of Tuesday and on Wednesday they cooked it.

We ate it today and they said it tasted great! It cooked good and there are no complaints.  There was plenty left for leftovers for everyone!

I do not like turkey but I did try it and it tasted good.  Do not waste your money one those name brand turkeys next year, just go with the cheaper brand.  According to a man at Kroger's that use to work on a turkey farm, all turkeys come from the same place.  Each company just puts there bag over the product.

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  1. I do not use any turkey but Riverside